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I Touched You With A Prayer

I touched you with a prayer today, by asking God to watch over you while we are apart

Even if we are separated by technology, I think what a good friend you are from the start

I touched you with a prayer last night, God saying "do not worry I'll bring your friend into the morning light'.

I touched you with a prayer to always remember to love you with all my might

Our on line chats are never enough,sometimes I wish they continue through the night

I touched you with a prayer my friend, cause you mean more than you know to me

Our friendship is longer than the miles between us and deeper than the ocean or sea

I touched you with a prayer while you slept, and whatever you did that day

God quieted the angels and listened carefully just to hear all that I had to say

So wherever you go and whatever you do, remember me, for I touched you with a prayer

Written By Babyface

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