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As ones may know, I am a Rastafari Sistren. What is Rastafari and what does Fulfilled Rastafari have to do with I life? Since I am Fulfilled Rastafari, FIRST AND FOREMOST I LIFT UP CHRIST IN ALL ASPECTS OF I LIFE AND BECUZ OF THAT... it is I duty to fully support and uphold a certain creed and culture in I Life, as set by Jesus Christ. I am Rastafari, RASTAFARI IS I CULTURE, AND I I uplift Africa and Africans and ALL persons downpressed around the World. I Livity is the Creed!

I endeavor to bring relief to the physical and emotional ailments within InI people, the downpressed of the World...regardless of sect, faith, color, border, nationality.

The fact that I am a Rastafari Sistren, I try to live "upful" which is a part of the 'creed'...what does live 'upful' mean to I and what does the Livity and Creed actually mean to I?

~I do I best to do works for ANY oppressed people around the globe, as Christ would have I do, and I greatest focus is Rastafari and Africans around the world, but again, I include any who are disadvantaged or unjustly suffering around the world-this is I ministry which Christ has given to I, and this is how the Livity (how I live), is the Creed (what causes I to live as I do). Works can include fighting for equal rights and justice, supporting communities with free health fairs, working in a food pantry or contributing to one, working as a volunteer in a soup kitchen, donating books and school supplies, money to disadvantaged all around the world, working in I community as a volunteer, in a African Roots Library, as a Community Advocate, as a Humanity Advocate!

~I do I best to live in harmony with Nature, of which Yahshua is the Author of. I Live, breathe, eat, sleep and work in overstand? I do not advocate killing animals (I do not condemn those who do, but I personally have a creed). I know that to live Healthy is to live in Harmony with I body and I God. I will not work in certain environments (ie planned parenthood becuz they allow abortion and I dont bizness or advocate for that). This harmony then, includes the physical, the emotional balance within Nature. It is ONLY NATURAL to want to preserve I-ration (creation) and to refuse to participate as much as possible in its destruction.

~I do I best to live upful in terms of how I conduct I self. I dress modestly, I try to be conscious of I weaknesses and sinful ways, so I can Repent and endeavor to stop sinning and be a Witness for Christ when I have overcome a sin. I endeavor at all times, to Walk with Christ, and For Christ. He is the Centerpoint and the Balance in I Life.

~I endeavor to raise I youth as Fulfilled Rastafari youth. That means they must uphold the creed, and the Livity. As Fulfilled Rastafari first and foremost we love Yahshua, the Christ and put Him First in InI Lives. That is the REQUIREMANT TO BE FULFILLED. In this way, they will carry on with the ministry of the creed and keep InI Livity.

~So, as a part of being Fulfilled in Christ and Christ being the Foundation of InI Rastafari Livity InI observe the Royal Law of Love, upheld by Rastafari peoples around the world which is:

To work collectively to ensure that the
“hungry be fed, naked clothed, sick nourished, aged
protected and infants cared for, endorse and demand education for the masses, and to insist upon equal rights and justice for all human beings”.

I hope ones overstand I culture, creed and livity from this short essay, but feel free to contact I, with any questions, as I love to reason about I culture, I house, I livity, and the creed of InI life. Blessed Love!

Sis Kaya
Fulfilled Rastafari House
Upstate New York Chapter Rep

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